About Cohiba

Cohiba is the premier brand of Habanos. It was initiated in 1966 for Fidel Castro himself and was made at the now world-renowned El Laguito factory.

The name Cohiba accentuates the meaning of rarity, luxury and craftsmanship.

Distinctive medium to full flavors, with tobacco sourced from the very best parts of Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo region.

Any box of cigars embedding the name Cohiba is special, but to behold an exclusive humidor of their’s, is simply an opulence which adjectives alone can’t describe.


What makes Cohiba Behike 56 special?

Cohiba Behike 56 are rolled with the finest Volado, Seco and Ligero leaves as well the rare Medio Tiempo leaves (top leaves on the sun grown tobacco plant).

The original Behike goes down in folklore as being one of the greatest ever Cuban cigars made the new variation are following the same path.

How is the taste of Cohiba Behike 56?

Right off the bat, the Cohiba Behike 56 provides excellent flavor. It greets you with a nice complexity, with flavors of latte, cedar and earthy. There is a good amount of black pepper as well. This cigar is very smooth and creamy at this point

In the second third, the complexity of the cigar is still there. All the aromas are now more powerful than in the first third, and blending nicely together. Through the middle third the woodsy tones become more present, but strong earthy flavors remain.

In the final third, the BHK 56 reveals its true self, a real Cohiba, but with stronger and bitter aromas than the average vitola.

While the same flavors from the previous third persist, the earthy tones crank up a notch.

The spices of black pepper encountered in the first third come back with a full swing towards the end.

How long does Cohiba BHK 56 last?

The BHK 56 gives an average smoke time of 90 minutes. So, buy Cohiba Behike 56 and enjoy its amazing blend of flavors.

Length 6 1/2
Ring Gauge 56
Shape Double Robusto
Taste Woody
Strength Full

Cohiba Behike is the Bentley of the most prestigious brand.

It carries 3 sizes: BHK 52, BHK 54 and BHK 56.

The production is extremely limited and exclusive. For the first time it incorporates the tobacco leaf “Medio tiempo” , which offers exceptional character and flavor. The filler is made up of the finest leaves from Volado, Seco and Ligero originating from the finest Vegas of San Juan y Martinez and San Luis. Also for the first time, it incorporates the Medio Tiempo that comes only from the two top leaves on sun-grown plants delivering exceptional character and taste.

Each Behike is donned with a band housing two holograms for security identification.

The quantities are limited due to the natural scarcity of the Medio Tiempo tobacco leaf.

The three heavy ring gauged vitolas are:

BHK 52: 52 ring gauge  (20,64 mm) x 119mm in length Factory name: Laguito No 4.
BHK 54: 54 ring gauge  (21,43 mm) x 144mm in length Factory name: Laguito No 5.
BHK 56: 56 ring gauge  (22,22 mm) x 166mm in length Factory name: Laguito No 6.

These have never existed before. The blend and beautiful lacquered boxes are also a first.

Cohiba Behike 56 is known by the name Tribal Chief as well. It has always been the best cigar in the world. Today you can buy exclusive Cohiba Behike 56 online for a very affordable price. The fine materials of this cigar are made up of Medio Tiempo leaves that are taken from the best tobacco plants. This new Cohiba´s version has a really nice mixed flavor of spices, burnt wood, earth, and a hint of bitter chocolate. The smoke is thick and creamy, which is fantastic for the smoker  In addition to these flavors, the cigar is also said to have fantastic resistance – providing the best leisurely, enjoyable experience of smoking this Cigar. One of the unique features of these leaves is that they absorb most of the sun rays and produce an unique flavor for this cigar. The Cohiba Behike 56 cigar is a piece of the Cohiba Behike order in the Cohiba type. The BHK 56 was released in 2010 near side of two other sizes: BHK 52 and BHK 54. These Cubans feature a blend that includes the Medio Tiempo blade, which is a very infrequent tobacco leaf coming from the two upper leaves of a sun-grown tobacco plant. This unique Vitole will be produced in limited stock every year.