Bolivar 681 Cigar (Ex. Bulgaria 2011) – Box of 10


Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Flavour: Medium to full
Length: 153mm
Vitola de galera: Sobresaliente
Ring: 53
Presentation: 1 layer in a box of 10pcs

Bolivar 681 for Sale Online. The Bolivar 681 Cigar is one of the most special and exclusive Cuban cigars on our site. The Regional Edition dedicated to Bulgaria was named after the year of which the first Bulgarian Kingdom was discovered.
Featuring a Soresaliente vitola - this cigar measures at 153mm by a 53 ring gauge. Bolivar 681 for Sale Online
This medium-full bodied smoke provides distinctive flavours - as you'd expect from all Bolivar Cigars. Expect sweet cacao and spicy cinnamon notes.

The cigar seems expertly rolled with a perfect triple cap that is totally flat on the top. The wrapper is a slightly mottle cinnamon brown color, devoid of oil, but quite smooth to the touch and with bumps up and down its length. It is a bit spongy when squeeze, but not enough to think it will cause problems, and the aroma off the wrapper is strong barnyard, leather, sweet chocolate and hay.
The first third of the Bolívar 681 starts out with a strong bitter note up front that quickly subsides, allowing flavors of espresso, hay and oak. There is a slightly sweet chocolate note underneath that seems to be begging to break through, but it is not up to the task in the first third.

Only 2,500 boxes are produce - so get them before they're gone! This is a highly exquisite treasure to call your own.
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