Bolivar Coronas Gigantes for Sale.

Firstly the Bolivar Coronas Gigantes Cigar is a beautiful Cuban cigar,

Further which has been hand-rolled to perfection into the Julieta No.2 Vitola.
Secondly featuring the Julieta No.2 vitola - it measures at 178mm by a 47 ring gauge.

However the lucky smoker shall recieve two-three hours of smoking time with this cigar. Bolivar Coronas Gigantes for Sale

Consequently multitude of flavours are mix in great balance in this Cuban cigar.

The flavours are pack with a superb taste. Leather, rough earth, sandy,

remaking that the strength of flavours is not an indication of nicotine content.

An easy smoking cigar for a hot summer evening.

Bolivar Coronas Gigantes have a Julieta shape, a large length and a gauge size of 47.

The cigars carry the name of one of the greatest faces in Latin history and the brand is one of the most loved in Cuba.

The exterior is very smooth and elegant, displaying premium hand-made craftsmanship.

The strength is medium to full and the flavor palette displays the sweetness of chocolate and vanilla that mix to the end with earthy undertones and full tobacco taste.

Bolivar Cigars are renown for using tobacco blends which are rich and complex in flavour,

as well as being strong and full-bodied.
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