Bolivar Lusiadas for Sale Online.

The Bolivar Lusiadas Cigar is another release from Bolivar Cigars that aficionados love.

The Cuban cigar was exclusively selected for the Portuguese market

- taking its name from the work of the iconic poet Luís de Camõs. Bolivar Lusiadas for Sale Online

The Lusíadas wears a much redder-hued wrapped than I generally think of for the brand or for cigars in general;

there are samples that look like the clay-rich soil in which they were grown.

The samples aren’t the most beautiful cigars I have ever seen, with wrapper leaves that have some fine grit toothiness,

a good number of prominent veins, occasional mottling and a finish that looks a bit rustic,

reminiscent of a cigar or purito rolled without a mold.

The first sample is very firm, almost rock hard, which is concerning,

and the other two are only marginally better.

Even with the cleanly cut, flat foot, I’m not offer much in the way of distinctive aromas,

and I practically have to shove the cigar into my nostril to get a light aroma of woods.
Featuring a Perfecto vitola - it measures at 137mm by a 48 ring gauge.

Each has been hand-roll by the best torcedores in Vuelta Abajo, Cuba.
Only 6000 boxes produced and we only have one box for sale - so act fast!
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