Bolivar Petit Coronas Cigar – Box of 25


Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Flavour: Full
Length: 129mm
Vitola de galera: Mareva
Ring: 42

Bolivar Petit Coronas for Sale. The Bolivar Petit Coronas is another full-flavoured powerhouse from Bolivar Cigars.
The Mareva vitola measures at 129mm by a 42 ring gauge - delivering around 30-45 minutes of smoking time. Making it ideal for those of you on the hunt for a quick smoke. Bolivar Petit Coronas for Sale
This full-bodied Cuban cigar is fill with nut and spice notes - with a leathery finish.

Simon Bolivar was one of the great historic figures of the 19th century who liberated much of South America from Spanish rule. The Bolívar brand was created in 1902 and is now based in the Partagas factory in the heart of Havana.
It is not surprising that a cigar brand name after such a powerful figure is blend to match his might. Bolivar is among the strongest, most full bodied of all Habanos. It boasts an unrivalled richness of flavour in its blend of Vuelta Abajo region tobaccos. This makes it one of the most sought after marques amongst experienced smokers.
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