Cohiba Behike 54 Cigar

The Cohiba Behike BHK 54 Cigar. Rolled with the finest Volado, Seco and Ligero leaves as well the rare Medio Tiempo leaves (top leaves on the sun grown tobacco plant), the Behike has installed itself as the reference for all Cuban cigars. Produced in small quantities, this cigar will no doubt be extremely popular.

The middle member of the world-famous Cohiba Behike 3-vitola line, the Cohiba Behike 54 is an elegantly-packaged, thickly-cut, and full-flavored delight.

Building on the success of the iconic Cohiba Behike, the Behike 54 is known for its heavy Medio Tiempo tobacco taste and wide 54 ring gauge. As is the case with all three Cohiba Behikes, this 5¾-inch cigar is partially constructed from the rare and separated Medio Tiempo leaf, then bound, wrapped, and filled in Cuba.


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