Cohiba Coronas Especiales

Cohiba Coronas Especiales was originally created in 1969 for Cuban diplomats, but was later released internationally in 1982.This cigar is a Laguito No. 2 vitola, hand rolled at the famous El Laguito factory and filled with the classic Cohiba tobacco blend. This special blend of tobaccos is notorious for producing a deliciously thick and creamy smoke.

Coronas Especiales is a luxurious experience, floral aromas float off the cigar offering an unexpected treat to the senses while producing a delicious smoke that is decorated with flavour notes of nutty coffee, rich tobacco and warm cinnamon.These flavours are detectable even to an untrained palate making this an excellent cigar for all experience levels.

We advise you to be patient while smoking this one, put your feet up and let it gently release every flavour it has to offer. Especiales would make for a lovely Sunday afternoon cigar, pair it with an amber ale or a cola to bring out new dimensions.

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