Cohiba Robustos 8+8 Year Of The Pig


Manufactured:Hand made
Flavour:Medium to Full
Vitola de galera:Robusto
Presentation:Wooden case of 16 pcs

Cohiba Robustos 8+8 for Sale, to begin with, this years restricted version, committed to the time of the pig, it arrives in a Robusto size estimating 50 x 124 mm (5″) long. More to that the stogie is essentially a customary creation Cohiba Robusto, with another band on the foot. Besides, the stogie itself has been matured in the Tabacalera S.L.U. stockrooms for a very long time.
Cohiba Robusto's Years of the Pig bundling is as opposed to the arrivals of different brands, where they utilize the colores red and gold in abundance. For this situation, the crate is dark lacquer, with gold lettering and iconography. Each case contains 16 stogies, organized on two columns of 8, which is the fortunate number in China. Nevertheless each box is in a black lacquer covering that accentuates the golden decoration.
 The Cohiba Robustos 8+8 Robustos which has a limited production of 3000 numbered boxes. A real collectors item of 8 year aged Cohiba Robustos. 16 sticks per box Cohiba Robustos 8+8 for Sale
Year of the Pig follows the Cohiba Maduro 5 Magicos and Secretos Year of the Dog editions from 2018.
COHIBA Robusto Year of The Pig - Box de 16 (8+8)
Vitola: Robusto (54 x 124 mm)

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