To begin with Cohiba Sublimes Extra Collection Book release in 2008 as the 7th collectors edition of "Habanos Books"
Book cabinet contains 20 cigars. Cohiba Sublimes Extra Book

The size selected is a Sublimes Extra.
Howver, the renowned Habanos Collection series is exclusively aime to Casas del Habano worldwide.

Again, Sublimes Extra is the vitola is chose by Habanos s.a. for the Cohiba Habanos Collection.

Consequently, for the Volume VIII of the Colección Habanos 2008 the vitola Sublimes Extra from Cohiba is chose to honor its name.
Nevertheless, Its beauty is accompanied by these exceptional dimensions,
as well as the balance of its unique blend.
To conclude it is because of the exceptional acceptance had in the different markets,
Cigar Name: Sublimes Extra
Factory Name: Sublimes Extra
Dimensions: 54 x 184mm (7¼″)
Estimated Weight: 18.38g
Construction: Handmade.
Bands: Standard band D.
Packaging: Numbered book-shaped boîte nature box of 20 cigars (1,000 produced).
Status: A 2008 release.
History: The eighth release of the Habanos Collection Series.
Eventually, this humidor pays homage to a zemi (or cemi), deity of the indigenous Taíno people.
However, Habanos SA says that the wink on the face is a reference between the old and the new.
Added to that, the cellar opens to reveal 16 drawers and a capacity of 600 cigars.
Nevertheless, the Humidores Habana built the winery using okume, cedar and mahogany.
550 cigars can be found inside the cellar, including the new Cohiba Novedosos, an upcoming version of the LCDH brand.


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