Colibri Quasar Desktop Cutter


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Deliver a pristine cigar cut to every pal who crosses the threshold of your man cave with the Colibri Quasar Desktop Cutter. Razor-sharp, stainless steel blades can execute your choice of either a V-cut or a straight guillotine cut with flawless precision in an innovative, integrated design. The substantial weight and Rubik’s-Cube-like dimensions make the Quasar a perfect candidate for the center of a coffee table or desktop. Simply push in the spring-loaded top to release the blades in a stable and impressive motion. Cut a wedge as deep as 7mm on a 60-ring cigar with the V-cutter, or slice up to a 70-ring cigar clean and clear with the straight cutters. Your cigar clippings are conveniently maintained in a chamber in the center and can easily be disposed of by unscrewing the bottom. Choose from a handful of vivid finishes. Your pals won’t be able to stop playing with it!


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