H. UPMANN NOELLAS LCDH (2018) – Jar of 25


H. UPMANN NOELLAS LCDH (2018) – Jar of 25

Country of Origin: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Length: 5 5/16 Inches
Ring Gauge: 42
Vitola: Corona
Release Date: 2018

However, one of the most interesting releases in the past decade has been the H. Upmann Noellas(2018) LCDH - Jar of 25 ,
not only for the physical appearance and almost shocking affordability but also due to the story behind it.
Originally introduced in 2009 as a release to be sold exclusively in the company’s La Casa del Habano stores—
a group of franchised retailers located around the world who exclusively carry Habanos S.A. cigars—the H. Upmann Noellas jar was an almost exact replica of a glass jar from around the 1960s filled with 25 Noellas,
a 5 5/16 x 42 corona that was a regular production release in the H. Upmann marca until it was discontinue in the late 1980s.
According to a press release from Habanos S.A., only 5,000 of the new jars were release in 2010, more than a year after they were announce. HUPMANN NOELLAS LCDH (2018) - Jar of 25 for Sale Online
However, the story takes a fairly dramatic turn after that,
as the jars seemed to be available at irregular intervals long after the original release in 2010.
In fact, there are multiple examples of jars with much later box codes from at least 2013, 2015 and 2017, possibly indicating that it is an ongoing release from Habanos, despite the claims of limited availability.
In addition, the jar I purchased with a 2018 box code still has the sticker on the bottom of the jar that states the 5,000 jar limit. HUPMANN NOELLAS for Sale Online

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