Hoyo de Monterrey Escogidos for Sale.

Firstly the Hoyo de Monterrey Escogidos Cigar is another addition to the LCDH cigars,

made exclusively for La Casa del Habano shop. Escogisos means 'selected' -

referring to the rarity of the tobacco in the Cuban cigar.
Featuring a Paco vitola - it measures at 180mm by a 49 ring gauge.

Hoyo de Monterrey Escogidos for Sale
Secondly the Hoyo de Monterrey Cigar is a great choice for aficionados who are seeking a delicate yet aromatic smoke

- as it provides light, fruity notes.

However the Hoyo de Río Seco (56 x 140 mm length) is another substantial ring measure vitola that is combine to the Serie Le Hoyo after Again the joining of the Le Hoyo de San Juan vitola,
which keeps on enhancing this memorable line and reach in heavier ring checks,
which didn't have a significant presence in the brand as of not long ago.
Nevertheless the Seco, Volado and Ligero leaves that make up the smooth flavor mix of Hoyo de Monterrey come only from the San Juan y Martínez* tobacco-developing area (P.A.O.),
furthermore proceeding with the strength that was revealed with the Le Hoyo de San Juan vitola.
With this new vitola, the readiness of Habanos mixes with the particular qualities of the diverse Cuban Appellations of Origin is additionally extend.
This strength, which contributes consistency and power, is average of this present region's dirt.

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