Hoyo De Monterrey Maravillas Collection Book released in 2015 as the 14th collectors edition of "Habanos Books"
Book cabinet contains 20 cigars.
Vitola: Maravillas
Ring Gauge: 55
Length: 230mm / 9inches

The Hoyo de Monterrey Maravillas is comically big, reminiscent of the cigars that you’d see being smoked by the older ladies in Havana,

 if someone was trying to parody the activity. In spite of the size,

the cigar looks very well rolled,

firm to almost hard when squeezed but otherwise free from any problems and capped quite proficiently.

The vein structure is familiar though there are times when I could be convinced that this wasn’t a Cuban cigar if forced to judge it based on the appearance of the wrapper leaf,

which is a well-tanned, nutty shade of brown with a bit of mottling but generally even coloration.

The foot has aromas of wheat bread, a bit more black pepper than I was expecting,

and some subtle but dense sweetness. The cold draw on the first sample is firm,

while the other two are very firm to the point of me thinking something is restraining the air movement.

Given my experience with the second cigar

more on that in the notes—I’m not optimistic about how the third sample is going to perform.

Across all the samples, the flavors are fairly neutral, with peanut the first thing to stand out.

While it carries with it a bit of oiliness, there’s not much else to be found, especially not sweetness, spice or pepper.


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