Buy LGC Inmensos Online. The La Gloria Cubana Inmensos Cigar is the latest addition to our collection of LCDH Editions Cuban cigars.
Although it is considered as one of the smallest habano brands, La Gloria Cubana has built a strong reputation for manufacturing elegant yet immaculately crafted Cuban cigars since 1885.

La Gloria Cubana is pioneer brands in 1865. Thus its currently a local brand giving it a minor share in the Habanos market. Typically La Gloria Cubana cigars are medium in body and the tobacco used in their cigars comes from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba.

The La Gloria Cubana line is mess up with discontinued cigars. Consequently in 2010 two cigars were scatch out from the La Gloria Cubana profile, the Medaille d’or No.1 and the Medaille d’or No.2. Nevertheless, it’s sad but currently there are only 3 current production vitolas available in the brand…
Using long filler tobacco from the prominent Vuelta Abajo region, the Inmensos puro features a Sublimes Vitola and is capable of producing plentiful of well-balanced flavours and aromas. To conclude all of these Cuban Cigars are totalmente a mano - totally handmade. As a result there are only 5,000 boxes exclusively for La Casa De Habano stores worldwide. Buy LGC Inmensos Online
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