Partagas Series E1 Collection Book.

The Partagas Coleccion Book 2013 is a Habanos S.A Collection release that comprises a special and unique production of only 2,000 individually numbered books.

This is the thirteenth release since Habanos started the Book Collection Series back in 2001.

The 6 7/10 (170mm) x 54 double robusto is the 12th release in the series, which packs 20 limited edition cigars inside a box that looks like a book.

Colección Habanos has always been, with the Partagás limited to 2,000 units,

and only offered to La Casa del Habano stores.

The vitola chosen for each year has always been unique to the brand, not offered as a regular production size, and by-in-large, the vitolas have been quite large by Cuban standards

It’s not easy to share the stage with a new Cuban Cohiba, but that’s what two cigars were chosen to do as part of Habanos S.A.’s 2017 Edición Limitada releases. Partagas Series E1 Collection Book.
The Edición Limitada program is launch in 2000 as a way to further showcase the company’s premium marcas by way of a vitola not being use in the brand’s current production. While originally it was just the wrapper that received two years of aging; since 2007 all the tobacco used in an Edición Limitada gets the extra time to mature.

Each book contains 20 perfectly constructed "Serie E No.1's". The Double Robustos vitola, is unique to the brand as it's not offer in any other regular production Partagas. Yet another Habanos exclusive release for collectors!!!
POPULAR VITOLA: Double Robustos
FACTORY VITOLA: Double Robustos
CIGAR LENGTH: 170 mm / 6.7 inches
BODY: Medium


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