Punch 8-9-8 for Sale Online. Traditional 8-9-8 cigars are so named for the way they are package.

Rather than two layers of cigars per box of 25, they are arrange in three layers: eight cigars on the bottom, nine in the middle and eight on top.

The Punch 8-9-8 cigars, however, do not adhere to this format and are simply presented in a 10-count box. Punch 8-9-8 for Sale Online

The first Edición Regionals didn’t feature the red and silver secondary bands that read “Exclusivo (Region Name)” that has become synonymous with the ER releases.
More recently, with little exception distributors are restricted to a single Edición Regional release per year.
That being said, many of the releases don’t actually ship until one or two years after their planned year.
For its 2018 Edición Regional, Pacific Cigar Co.—the distributor for almost of all Asia—chose a lonsdale in the Punch brand.
Called the Punch 8-9-8, the cigar measures 6 7/10 (170mm) x 43, a vitola named Dalias.
It is the same size as the well-known Partagás 8-9-8 and the Cohiba Siglo V,
as well as various other cigars branded 8-9-8 over the years.
In what has become an increasingly popular thing to do,
the cigars were limited to a number of boxes that use the number eight—
a lucky number in Chinese culture—specifically 8,888 boxes of 10


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