Ramón Allones Terra Magica Cigar (Ex. Adriático 2016)



The Ramón Allones Terra Magica Cigar is a regional edition cigar that celebrates the 25th anniversary of distributor Camelot. They were the first company to sell Cuban cigars in Croatia, so most definitely something to celebrate for our Croatian aficionados.
Featuring a Dobles vitola, reaching measurements of 155mm by 50 ring gauge. Inside sits a beautifully blended combination of tobacco leaves, hand-rolled into this Cuban piece of art. It lasts for around an hour and a half - making it a pair post-dinner delight.
With medium-bodied flavours, you can expect woody, spicy and sweet notes.
As a highly respected brand by cigar connoisseurs, Ramon Allones Cigars are distinguished by their incredible construction, luxurious dark wrappers and richly decadent flavour.
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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Length: 155mm
Vitola de galera: Dobles
Ring: 50
Presentation: 10 pcs


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