Romeo y Julieta Fabulosos No.2 Collection Book released in 2016 as the 15th collectors edition of "Habanos Books"

The Romeo Y Julieta marca is one of the prestigious and best-selling from the Habanos portfolio.
  The brand was first launched in the 1850s by Inocencio Álvarez Rodríguez and José “Manin” Garcia Garcia.
In 1903, a socialite by the name of “Don Pepin” purchased the factory.
  By the 1950s, it became an internationally recognized cigar brand.
  Don Pepin was avant-garde for his presentation and printing methods,
producing cigar bands that had 100% pure gold foil.
The unlit cigar aromas are just fantastic!
If it smells like anything barn like you know it will taste great.
That’s a concept that is hard for non-cigar smokers to comprehend,
but well we all know it’s true.  In terms of flavor, it is soft, elegant tobacco for the first half inch.
The strength profile is mild. This large cigar is well rolled and has a perfect and even draw.
This majestic Vitola, the Fabulosos No.2, offers impressive dimensions of 52 x 7 1/2 ensuring a long and unforgettable smoke of pleasure. The name "Fabulosos” has been used by the brand historically.
Two such vitolas  are produce in the 1960s and mid-1980s.
In addition, the 2004 Habanos Colección also bore the name 'Fabulosos No.6’, which measured 52 x 7.
The best leaves from Vuelta Abajo are use by the best rollers to make these special, limited production, cigars.
The taste and aroma are characteristic of the brand Romeo y Julieta, which is particularly love by those who prefer a medium strength cigar with a balance blend of aromas.
This Habanos Colección is available in 2,000 boxes worldwide.


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