Factory Vitola: Dobles
Popular Vitola: Robusto Extra
Ring Gauge: 50
Lenght: 155 mm
Dimension: 19.84 mm
Weight: 14.58 gr.Strength: Medium Product Packaging Type: Dress Box of 10 cigars Box Code: N/A Beginning: Cuba Made: Hand-Made Launch Date: 2011 Created:3,000 made Standing: Discontinued


The Sancho Panza Escudero Cigar is a regional edition cigar from Sancho Panzo Cigars. The cigar was originally introduced to the German market in the year 2011 and its production was limited to only 3,000 boxes of 10 cigars each. They’re incredibly difficult to find in today’s market.

With a Dobles vitola – it measures at 155mm by a 50 ring gauge.

In spite being one of Habanos S.A.’s oldest brands, established in 1848, Sancho Panza has one of the smallest portfolios of any of the Habanos lines. In 2010, when Habanos S.A. released the Sancho Panza Quijote for Altadis S.A., the Spanish distributor of Cuban cigars, it was the first Sancho Panza Edición Regional and quite possibly the fist special size of Sancho Panza ever under Habanos reign.


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