Trinidad Coloniales Cigar


Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Length: 132mm
Vitola de galera: Corona
Ring: 44
Presentation: 3 layers in a Box of 24 pcs

The Trinidad Coloniales Cigar is an excellent all-rounder.

This Cuban cigar delivers on appearance, quality, flavour and combustion - making it a great smoke
Its Corona vitola measures at 132mm by a 44 ring gauge

making it great for both beginners and experienced cigar smokers.
The medium-bodied smoke with plenty of flavours, delivers a well-balanced blend,

with smooth and creamy flavours.
The Trinidad Cigar is beautifully constructed and wrapped using a rich chocolate wrapper,

which is then bound using the Trinidad band.

This is the Trinidad cigar that can be enjoy by everyone.

The flavors are so comforting: coffee, vanilla and cocoa injected with hints of sweet honey.

This is more like having a Cappuccino than a cigar, making it a firm favorite with new smokers.

The construction is stunning, perfectly finished with its golden pig tail.

This cigar can be enjoy even young, without experiencing any type of harshness.

The common ‘new school’ Trinidad flavors are present: Spicy wood, coffee,

added to these in a jovial mix are some pinches of honey and wet earth.

This cigar feels as if it has been around forever and displays a frightening potential to get better!

It was Rick who made me try one, I guess he scores the points!

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The Coloniales has all the qualities of this ‘new wave’ Trinidad family.

All in all, it’s a well present Cuban, meaty and agreeable to smoke.
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