Vegas Robaina Famosos Cigar


Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Medium to Full
Length: 127mm
Vitola de galera: Corona Extra
Ring: 48
Presentation: 2 layers in a box of 25pcs

Vegas Robaina Famosos for Sale. The Vegas Robaina Famosos Cigar is a great addition to the Vegas Robaina Cigars family. Introduced in 1997 the brand pays homage to all the tobacco farmers that have helped shape the Cuban cigars industry as we know it.
It measures at 127mm by a 48 ring gauge - forming the Campanas vitola. Providing you with around an hour of smoking time. Inside, it is filled with the finest leaves from the infamous Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. Vegas Robaina Famosos for Sale

The Famoso is very firm when squeezed and the wrapper smells faintly of tobacco and aged wood.
It surprises me quite a bit with an amazing amount of spice and pepper in the first third, more so at the end of the first third, especially considering the color of the wrapper and the reputation that the Robaina cigars have for being a milder blend. Dominant flavors are a fairly spicy wood, leather, and aged tobacco.
The burn is so-so. I had to touch it up multiple times, but nothing too bad, but the draw was great for the whole smoke. The ash is fairly ugly as well, but stayed on for over an inch every time. It has a very dry finish, but nothing over the top in that regard either.

With a medium to full-bodied flavour - it delivers woody, sweet and spicy flavours. It's a smoke that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced smokers alike.
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