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How will you pack and ship my cigars?
We provide the best possible service when it comes to storing, packing and shipping cigars to you. All of our cigars, whether they are in a single opened box or in a case of 40 boxes, are stored in a humidor. From the time they arrive at our door until we hand them to the shipping department they are in a climate-controlled environment. We carefully pack each item, using paper, peanuts, bubble-wrap or other packing material as required to prevent damage, ensuring that the product remains in the best condition possible. Also, we always pack single cigars in a sealed plastic bag to ensure they hold their proper humidity during shipment.

Shipping Details
Shippings are being completed in 3-7 business days after you receive a confirmation e-mail for your payment. (If we were out of stock at the time of payment for any reason, La Casa Dei Sigari gives you two solutions; waiting for product to arrive in stock or a full refund.)

Shipping Cost
Shipping cost is always excluded from product price.
Shipping cost varies according to the weight of the order.
Shipping is free on all orders above $100 and delivery guaranteed.
Specific countries have additional fees such as insurance, Non-standard transportation options.

Please note, for larger sized items (Humidors, Jars, big packages, etc.), there may be supplemental shipping charges. These cases will be dealt with the client directly

Shipping Time
The product(s) will be delivered to the address indicated by the buyer within a period of three (03) to five (05) days after the order and payment is confirmed.
Please note, for certain countries, these shipping times may vary.

Tracking Number
Tracking numbers can be found in your account and in the shipping confirmation email.
You can also type your tracking number and check your order status from the site of which ever shipping company was used for the delivery.

Delays In Delivery
If you have not received your package in 30 days, we will ask you to wait another 10 days for additional delay.
After 40 days of no-show, we are now able to open an investigation (international inquiry) with the Postal Service to find out the status of the shipment.
Please note that no replacements will be shipped before international inquiry solved. In some cases orders can be delivered during investigation.
La Casa Dei Sigari cannot be held responsible for delays caused by human error (incorrect information e.g. address or buyer name, zip code).
If a package cannot be found, we will send a replacement package or refund.

Shipping to Australia, Brazil, and all South American countries is much slower due to unreliable local postal services. We ask for patience from customers ordering to these countries.

Important Note
As you may know due to Covid-19 pandemic ongoing worldwide, there is huge interest to online shopping compared to before. As a result, processing of orders at destination countries are extended and this is resulting to delays in deliveries.
We will be processing and dispatching orders on time but,

All delivery periods during Covid-19 pandemic are not subject to regular international delivery times we declared. All shipments are delivered with delays during this period. Tracking status is decided by the Postal Service in the destination country.
La Casa Dei Sigari are not quoting a delivery time during Covid-19 period.

Please note that all orders are under delivery guarantee of La Casa Dei Sigari.
Kindly please wait for your order to be delivered during these unusual pandemic time.

Taxes & Duties
All tobacco shipments are declared as “Tobacco”. We cannot be held responsible for customs taxes, charges, or seizure.

Please be aware that your delivery (tobacco products) may also be subject to customs duties and taxes, over which we have no control, and which MUST be borne by you.
La Casa Dei Sigari is not responsible for paying any taxes or duties involved in the importation of customer’s order into their country.
All customers must be aware of their local customs law.

Important Note For Flavoured Tobacco
Flavored cigars and cigarettes have been banned by some countries. We do not take responsibility for customs risk for your flavored tobacco orders.
Please obtain necessary information about local rules for flavored tobaccos before placing your order.

Shipping Information

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